Big Bad Wolf (Asian Pacific American Heritage Month)

Big Bad Wolf, a pop-up food series in San Francisco, is run by a bad ass Korean, woman, chef (who also happens to be a good friend of mine).

When you meet her IRL, you realize that she is who she is. There’s no discrepancy between her online self and her IRL self. She’s a bad ass woman who is unapologetically creating and hosting dinners and brunches that align with her idea of food and community. You may know her because she’s been featured in a KQED article featuring women in cannabis (and hello!! she’s the cover photo! BAD. ASS!)

But what I also want to pay homage to, is honoring Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM), and acknowledging the fact that Haeijin is an Asian American chef who is paving the way for so many. It’s not often that you find female chefs, much less Asian female chefs, that are executing their own food ideas.

This month, Haejin continued her intimate dinner and brunch series aptly titled ANTI MUKBANG MUKBANG CLUB (mukbang being a video of someone eating food). I attended her collaboration dinner with Andres, who is her FOH lead. They created a Korean / Neo Andean dinner on the night of May 5th. It was an interesting day, May 5th, because the weather had just turned to brooding and gloomy after several weeks of heat and sunshine. I don’t know about you, but I always feel the bite of the Pacific wind sway through my bones and chill me from the inside out. I remember prior to the dinner feeling unsure about going. I had bought an individual ticket to the event and became incredibly nervous about this solo adventure. But as quickly as the feeling came, it went. And it’s because I truly trust Haejin to cultivate a community filled with joy and trust.

Upon my arrival, I entered her building with two new friends who I met on the street. We ended up sitting next to each other (although it was a table for 8, so I felt like I was sitting next to every one) and building rapport through the exchange of stories, laughter, and joints.

Haejin welcomed us warmly into her home, giving each of us a hug upon our entry. She brought us to her dining room where it was set up for a table of 8. Her and Andres’ love and appreciation for each other, their food, and their cultures was exceedingly apparent to each guest.

It was a truly unforgettable night and I left feeling full in more ways than one. Eternal thanks and gratitude to Haejin and Andres.

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