About Me

Angelina Hong is a food photographer and social media consultant based in the San Francisco, Bay Area. Originally from Minnesota, she came out to the Bay Area where she graduated from Stanford University with a BA in Human Biology. Several years out of college, she quickly realized that her heart and passion were in photography.

Angelina Hong is a bi-ethnic (Hmong & Korean), queer, woman. She is a daughter of an immigrant father and a refugee mother; and these identities not only influence her work, but they affect how she sees and interacts with the world. Growing up with a variety of cuisines influenced by a number of cultures allowed her to respect food, land, and animals.

She views food as nourishment for the body, mind, and soul. Food is a source of power and of life, and it stands at the intersections of nearly everything our life touches. Accessibility, nutrition, money, immigration… thus, it can be used as a tool to forge strong connections and build bridges between uncommon denominators. Through Angelina’s photography, she capitalizes on this point of connection to become a storyteller; ensuring that a shared vision is well represented.

When she’s not shooting or editing photos, she enjoys hanging out with her two cats, practicing Muay Thai, and eating anything that comes from a potato.

She is also a Foodie Blogger! Check her out on Instagram: @Radical.Eats

Where to find her work:

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