Hey you!

I’ve got your back. I believe in building a community with my clients where diversity and inclusion of all experiences are welcomed and nurtured.

I’m the best of two worlds. Graduating from Stanford University gave me the tools to become a hard working and organized visionary. And my self-taught photography skills gave me the understanding of how to become an inventive and artistic creative. These accomplishments have set me up for success in understanding how to show up as your best partner both at the shoot and outside of the shoot.

I am a first-generation born Hmong and Korean American. Being the daughter of a refugee mother and an immigrant father, my experiences have made me an empathetic professional who can make you feel seen and heard. That’s why I always make it my mission to make sure you feel cared for.

I believe in boldly and confidently showing up as you are. You do not need to make yourself smaller for anyone else. You and your services, ideas, and knowledge are needed and valued exactly as they are.

We are women but we are so much more than that. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives. We are hustlers, creators, leaders, and founders. Let me empower YOU to share with the world what you got.