About Me

Image courtesy of Andria Lo

Hi there!

My name is Angelina Hong.

I am a lifestyle & branding photographer. I am based in the San Francisco, Bay Area but I also accept work in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.

Originally from Minnesota, I came out to the Bay Area where I graduated from Stanford University with a BA in Human Biology. Several years out of college, I quickly realized that my heart and passion lied in photography.

As a bi-ethnic (Hmong & Korean), queer, woman, and a daughter of an immigrant father and a refugee mother, I am working to utilize my creative strength to subvert the commercial and mainstream industry by showcasing PoC and LGBTQ people in my work. Do your values align with mine? Let’s chat!

When I’m not shooting, I enjoy hanging out with my two cats (Jax and Yunie), practicing Muay Thai, and eating anything that comes from a potato!