Food and Restaurants

I provide food and restaurant photography tailored to your needs. The benefit of working with a photographer is having creative control over your images and thus developing a consistent brand. I can provide images for online usage (website, social media, etc.), an ad campaign, and more!

Flatlay of toast topped with vegan and dairy free cream cheese kite hill and tomatoes.
Matcha pancakes topped with dairy-free whipped cream.
Interior image of Garden Creamery, a top San Francisco ice cream shop.
Flatlay of food featuring Palestinian Arabic food from Reem's California in Mission including mana'eesh, beet hummus, hummus, and pita.
Close up of an egg and cheese sandwich from Daily Driver, a bagel shop in San Francisco California.
Flatlay of six plates of food from Rambler in San Francisco California. The plates have flank steak with chimichurri sauce, roast chicken, cheeseburger with fries, deep fried okra, quinoa wiht carrots, and salmon.
A plate of burnt caramel truffles stacked on top of one another from Recchuiti Confections.
A stack of three deep fried chicken sandwiches on top of each other on a plate with fries.
Food on a dim sum table. The focus is on the yellow dumplings.
Someone is plating a dish with scallops.

Nana Joe's granola from San Francisco California their Paleo Sunrise Series.
Flatlay of gluten-free, dairy-free, and paleo pumpkin muffins.
Chocolate peanut butter cake cut into slices served on plates.
Interior image of Garden Creamery, a top San Francisco ice cream shop.
Flatlay of food from a Mexican restaurant El Techo in San Francisco California including chips and salsa, fried plantains, and empanadas.
Close-up of a crab dish from Itria SF, a food pop-up in San Francisco California.
Two plates and one drink on a table. The plate closest has quinoa and carrots with an orange sauce. The plate furthest away has deep fried okra with a mayo dip. The cocktail is pink with raspberry.
The Nana Joe's team (Joe, Michelle, and Natalie) standing in front of a Whole Foods sign holding up bags of their granola with smiles on their faces.
A close up of someone holding a deep fried chicken sandwich with a basket of curly fries on the table.
Someone is grabbing lamb as if to serve it. Another person beside them is holding a plate with rice.
Close up of a double meat cheeseburger patty with fries and beer on the side.

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