Personal Branding

I offer personal branding shoot sessions to the self-made business woman and entrepreneur. I work hand-in-hand with my clients in order to create an authentic visual representation of you and your brand. Personal branding gives your audience a visual of who you are, what you do, and why they should buy into what you offer.

A woman smiling with her lips in front of a window.
Two women, both with curly hair, are sitting at a table across from each other having a conversation. One of them is a hair stylist and is taking notes.
A hair stylist with curly hair is cutting the hair of a curly haired model in a beauty room.
A woman is sitting in a chair sitting cross legged. She is smiling at the camera. Behind her is a woman empowerment poster.
A woman looking at the camera pensively in front of a window.
A curly haired woman is sitting at a table smiling at the camera. In her right hand, she is holding a pink mug that is sitting on the table.
A woman is standing outside in front of a house and is laughing while looking away at the camera. Her left hand rests on her hip.

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